April 01, 2023
Membership Secure Login
OUI Works offers Membership Secure Login for individuals, organizations, and partners who have made a donation to OUI Works in one of the following categories: supporters of "Eat Well to Live Well" events, accommodations, meals, organ donor, transportation or any other category in an amount equal to or greater than $25.00 during a calendar year. Membership is renewable at the end of each calendar year (January thru December), every 12 month period/cycle following enrollment.  Secure Login allows access to cookbooks, recipes, photo gallery, special offers, and other publications and/or offers offered by OUI Works.  OUI Works reserves the rights to change, modify, or discontinue the Membership Secure Login access at anytime without written or future notice.  Your donations are going towards educating the community about chronic  kidney disease, kidney organ donation and financial assistance for the living donors' uninsured transportation and living expenses.  If you would like to have access to OUI Works Membership Secure Login feature, it's very easy to get started by visiting Give Now Online
 Secure Login